Natural Park

All along the part of coast that goes from Baia Verde to the extreme Southern end of Gallipoli bay, surrounded by a blue and clear sea, you can admire a large area that still keeps unsuspectable places of an extraordinary landscape value. The Litorale di Punta Pizzo  includes various places of significant importance that create an interesting environmental mosaic where Mediterranean scrub alternates with pseudo Mediterranean steppe and wet and marshy areas. The Isola di Sant’Andrea is characterised by rocky coasts with the presence of “priority habitats”. Of absolute international value is the presence of a colony of Gabbiano corso(Larus audonii), endemic species of Mediterranean basin. The colony on Isola di Sant’Andrea is the only one along both the Adriatic and Ionic sides of Italy.

Our aim is increasing the value of all that and contribute to protect it and give it intact to the future generations.