All the coast in front of the structure, the long bay of Gallipoli, is characterized by low rocks which alternate with long sand strips. In this large wild inlet, sloping to a crystal-clear sea, we have a public concession on a stretch of coast, Lido Punta della Suina, that has now become a true tourist attraction for those who come to Salento. Crossing the thick pinewood, you start to enjoy the colours and the perfumes of this heavenly corner: the blue sea which blurs its boundaries with the sky, the perfumes and colours of the extraordinary Mediterranean scrub which enriches the sand dunes (thymus, rosemary and broom bushes with their flowers going from light blue to deep yellow and to the white of the nicely scented wild lilies). Two clear sand stretches equipped with beach umbrellas, low rocks where you can enjoy sunbathing on comfortable sunbeds, small coves used as privés with palms and the cliff, that gives the name to the beach, used ad a solarium with sunbeds and beach umbrellas. The outdoor bar offers a wonderful panorama on the whole bay, from North to South: Gallipoli, isola di Sant'Andrea with its lighthouse, the extraordinary Torre del Pizzo, the sea and the sun that, at sunset, give a really unique show. On our equipped beach the service is with fee. For those who are not interested in using it, both on the left and on the right of the public concession, peaceful coves and inlets of free beach. 






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