When does the structure open?  When does it close?

The structure opens on 01.04  and closes on 30.09.

How much is it large?

Baia di Gallipoli Camping Resort extends across a 250.00-square-foot area, most of which occupied by green spaces at disposal of the guests.

How far is the structure from the sea?

The structure is not on the sea. The distance between the sea and the entrance of our structure is 800 meters. To get a more precise idea you can type the name of the structure on Google Maps or Google Earth.

How can we reach the sea?

At disposal of our guests there is a very comfortable shuttle service, with departure every 10 minutes, included in the stay price (h 09.00/13.00 and 16.00/19.00 – at the Direction’s discretion  full time from 09.00 to 19.00). Inside the structure there are many stops, located at a distance that never exceeds 200/300 meters from the pitch or the mobile home zone. As well as near the parking area, on the beach, there is a stop close to the pinewood.

Is it possible to reach the sea on foot? Also with children?

Yes, though on the way back there is a hill. Therefore, we suggest to avoid the hottest hours to come back to the structure on foot.

Is it possible to reach the sea by bike? Also with children?

Yes, it is the same as for the way on foot. By bike, anyway, it will be very simple to reach, through the paths marked in the map that you will find in the structure, some peaceful free beach stripes.

And what about using our own car to reach the sea?

To get to the sea, you can use your own car. In the area preceding the pinewood and the sea, there is a large parking, guarded and with fee, managed by third parties.

Is the beach service with fee compulsory?

No. Getting to the sea, you will be able to choose, freely, whether to benefit from the beach service with fee on the equipped beach or place your own equipment on the free beach stripe (both on the left and on the right of Punta della Suina).

How far is the nearest residential area?

The nearest residential areas are about 4/6 km far: Mancaversa (2 km), Gallipoli (4 Km ) e Taviano (6 km).  Main distances: Otranto 43 km, Santa Maria di Leuca , Lecce 42 km, Brindisi Aeroporto 74 km; Bari  Aeroporto 165 km.

 Are there public transports to Gallipoli and/or to the main centers of Salento?

At the entrance of the camping, you will find the “Salento in Bus” stop, an initiative by the province of Lecce. The service, available from June to September, allows to reach the main touristic and seaside centers in Salento (Otranto, Gallipoli, S. Maria di Leuca) and the coastal areas with high population density (Porto Cesareo, Torre dell'Orso, Gallipoli Sud seafront, S. Cesarea seafront, Castro, S. Maria di Leuca).  The tickets to travel on board of “Salento in Bus” can be purchased also on line (www.salentointrenoebus.it).

Do you offer a Transfer Service to Brindisi and Bari Airports and Lecce and Gallipoli Railway stations?

Yes, we offer a Transfer Service from and to the main airports and railway stations. (Info and booking www.baiadigallipoli.com )

In the structure can I hire cars, scooters and bikes?

In the structure can I hire a fridge?


Is there a hospital near the structure?

The nearest hospital is in Gallipoli. In Mancaversa (2 km from the structure) there is a Summer Health care unit.

The nearest pharmacy?

Mancaversa (2 km), Gallipoli (4 km) and Taviano (6 km).

Is the structure suitable for disabled?

The whole structure, with the exception of the Mobile Home, is accessible to disabled . Also the beach is easily reachable thanks to a boardwalk that takes to the kiosk. We are not able to guarantee the Shuttle Service to the beach, but, in case of stay, we assure our total and constant helpfulness.

Is there an ATM inside the structure?

Inside the structure there are no ATMs because we have no ADSL connection, which is considered safe by banks. You can find ATMs in near towns (Taviano, Gallipoli...) Anyway, it will be possible to pay by ATM card, not only in our offices, but also in the bar, in the restaurant, in the supermarket and on the beach.

Can I take my pet with me?

Pets are welcome in our structure. In the camping area we accept pets and not dangerous dogs, reserving a particular area of the pitches to the exclusive use of groups with dogs. In a limited number of mobile homes we accept only one dog per home. In case of stay remember: they must be collared: they mustn’t be left alone in the pitch or in the mobile home; they are allowed to get access to the shuttle but not to the equipped beach; they can come with you on the free beach; for physiological needs, they must be accompanied to the animal WC zone; they are not allowed to enter the swimming pool; they mustn’t disturb the other guests.

Can I take my boat with me?

Yes,but you will just be able to have the trailer with the boat in the parking. On the beach there is no driveway access for boats. There is the possibility of boat mooring nearby the structure ( Gallipoli, Mancaversa….).

Is Wi-fi free?

Wi-fi connection is free near the bar  ( OSMOZIS.COM).

What is the working period of the shopping centers in the structure (Bar, Restaurant, Market and Shops)?

The bar and the restaurant are open since the start of the working period of the structure  (April, 1st), as well as our beach. The Market and the various shops begin their activity period in June. Though, near the bar, in low season period, there is a small Market where it is always possible to buy fresh bread, milk and first need products. The opening times are exhibited by the respective managers. 

Do you do the mosquito disinfestation?

When weather conditions permit it, overnight disinfestations are made, using insecticides that are harmless for adults and children’s health. As an extra care, we ask not to dry clothes outside during the treatment, that is always communicated before.

Is it possible to use the barbecue in the pitch or in the mobile home?

The only barbecue allowed in the pitch or in the mobile home is the gas one( you can hire it also in the structure). Spread all over the camping area and in the mobile home zone you will find common barbecues that can be used only with charcoal slack and are provided with grill.

Are there any particular times to enter and to leave the structure?

The main entrance gate is open and supervised during all the day. You can enter or leave the structure freely, without any kind of time limits.

Can I arrive at the structure at any time?

The registration of your arrival can be made during all day (24 hours a day) at the Reception, with the delivery of all identity documents and the compiling of your group’s paper. The first access to the pitch takes place from 8.00 to 12.45 and from 16.00 to 19.45; the first access to the mobile home is from 17.00 to 20.00 and after having completed the operations of registration and check-in. We recommend to plan your arrival, avoiding silence hours (from 13.00 to 16.00 and from 20 to 8.00.

What if I arrive at silence time (from 13.00 to 16.00 or from 20.00 to 08.00)?

From 13.00 to 16.00  you will have to park your vehicle and wait for the offices to reopen and for being accompanied to the pitch or the mobile home.

After 20.00 you can stay temporarily at the Precamping. You will have to mount your tent or place your vehicle (camper or caravan) in an inner area of the pinewood, provided with columns for electrical energy and sanitary services, with hot shower, too.  Anyway, you can use all the services since the registration (with the exception of the shuttle service to the beach).

The stay in the Precamping after 20.00 requires the payment of the night in the campsite according to the regular fees of the price list.

Is there a monitoring service?

Yes, all day long.

Can I benefit from the half board or full board service? Which are the times?

Yes, you can purchase these services in our restaurant. The times are the following: Breakfast 07.30/10.30; Lunch 12.30 / 14.30;  Dinner 19.00/21.00 (Info and Booking +39.334.2015187 +39. 347.1824969  trattoria.damammaezzia@gmail.com ).

What is included in the daily fee for the stay in a pitch?

In the price for the stay in the pitch is included: IVA, electrical energy ( 6 ampere) and hot water(supplied 24 hours a day) consumes, animation service (available from 11.06 to 09.09), shuttle to the sea (available from 04.06 to 09.09), use of all the sports facilities in the camping, entrance to the swimming pool with use of beach umbrellas and sunbeds (if available) and entrance to the gymnastic path.

Is it possible to book a pitch?


What are the pitches like?

The pitches are wide and  comfortable, shaded by centuries-old olive trees, pine trees and/or poplars, with grassy ground. They vary in size depending on the mounted equipment.

  • Pitch TYPE A can contain only a small tent (max length 2.20 m) ;

  • Pitch TYPE B can contain:  A medium tent (max length 5.00 m);

  • Pitch TYPE B1 can contain  Two small tents (max length 2.20 m);

  • Pitch TYPE C can contain:  A large tent (> 5.00 m)

  • Pitch TYPE C1 can contain:  A tent trailer

  • Pitch TYPE C2 can contain: double medium tent (max length 5.00 m) ;

  • Pitch TYPE C3 can contain:  A medium tent (max length 5.00 m), a small tent (max length 2.20 m) ;

  • Pitch TYPE D can contain : A caravan with a verandah, a small tent (max length 2.20 m)

  • Pitch TYPE D1  can contain : a camper and a small tent (max 2.20 )

  • The HOST pitch is exclusively referred to those who want to book (without any equipment) to join a group already in the camping.

Can I park my car in the pitch?

Only during the low season periods (A periods). In the other season periods all cars will have to be parked inside the structure but outside of the camping area.

How is the electrical socket in the pitches?

It’s the European type, blue with two poles, for a consume up to 1000 Watt. If you are not equipped with it you can purchase it in the Bazar, in the small square.  

How long is the electrical wire that should I bring?

The distance from the columns that supply the electrical current varies from pitch to pitch. We recommend to take with you an extension cable of at least 20 meters. In our Bazar it is possible to find some ready cables, if necessary.

I left my tent at home. Do you sell tents?

In the Bazar you can find small tents, wickers, sleeping bags, mattresses and other typical equipment for a camping.

Can I bring a gas cylinder in the structure?

No. We will give you the telephone number of a company that offers this service in Gallipoli. We remind you that inside the campsite it is forbidden to keep in the warehouse more than a gas cylinder with a capacity of more than 5 Kg.

Is it possible to book a mobile home?

We accept bookings for stays in mobile homes with the following restrictions:

  • Stay of at least 7 nights (from Saturday to Saturday);

  • Group composed by a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5 members.

  • Only families and couples.

    Are they air-conditioned?


    Are they equipped with a TV?

    No, in mobile homes there are neither TVs nor antennas.

    Are they equipped with a camping cradle?

    No. But in the structure, if you wish, camping beds without linens are available and you can hire a pillow, too. Because of the limited number it is advisable to book them. Inside a mobile home the camping cradle should be placed in the living room and not in the double room.

    Are they equipped with bed-linens?

    No. All the linens are excluded and they are not provided (bed-linens, bath-linens and blankets). But in the structure, if you wish, you can hire bed-linens or bath-linens. Because of the limited number it is advisable to book them.

    What is included in the equipment of a mobile home?  

    In the section of the site related to mobile homes you will find all the provided equipments in detail. Any equipment that is not mentioned in the list will not be available.

    What time will the mobile home be open? What time should it be left? Do I have to pay a security deposit? When will it be given back to me?

    In the section of the site related to mobile homes you will find all the information about the arrival and departure procedures.


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